Pollination has been a subject that is being included to be taught in school during elementary years. but sometimes we can just forget some things even if we had studied them. But for sure many still know about this thing. Pollination has been the reason for many plants to live and increase in number. There are plants that have male and female species. Pollination is the process for them to meet and produce again a plant like them. The role of the bees is very important.

You can see in the image above the butterfly that is in the process of pollination. When animals will mate they can have babies like humans and give birth to it. But in terms of plants, the bees gather the pollen from the male flower and then transfers it to the female flower that results in fertilization that generates then seeds for the continuance of the species of plant. Unlike animals that they can just directly come in contact with another to mate, flowers have some challenges.

But it is not just the bees who do the pollination as other animals too can like the birds and insects. The mammals also can do this process. Pollinators can do the process fast if they are the ones who visit flower continuously that belongs to the same species and so they can pass the pollens to the right plant more correctly than others who just collect and visit any plant. The wind also can help in pollination and it is called wind pollination.